20 Million Miles to Earth From Novel to Film (ebook)

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20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH by Henry Slesar, introduction by Randall D. Larson, edited by Philip J. Riley

A Philip J. Riley's NightMare Series volume

Commentary and “About the Author” Henry Slesar by Randall D. Larson - edited by Philip J. Riley

The clouds of yellow dust rolled and swirled and whistled in agonized motion,
and their sound obscured the needle-thin cries of men in anguish. The pain had come
upon them suddenly, pain that gripped their chests like the giant talons of some rapacious
bird, pain that sent them scurrying, reeling, stumbling towards the silvery object that
stood half-buried in the volatile sands. Some were to make the ship in time; others were
to die later. One was to live to see the horror of the dust-shrouded planet transplanted to
the world of his birth, twenty million miles away. The Ymir, as the creature was named by Forrest J Ackerman is one of Ray Harryhausen's best remembered stop motion creations.

Originally published as an Amazing Stories special edition.