Not Thinkin' Just Remembering John Wayne's The Alamo (ebook)

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In "Not Thinkin' . . . Just Rememberin'" . . . The Making of John Wayne'sTHE ALAMO, author John Farkis brushes back the sands of time to unearth a rare event in Hollywood history and a patriotic, inspiring tale of true Texas folklore brought to life on the big screen with John Wayne as the legendary Davy Crockett.

As told in the words of those who were there, actors, actresses, crew members, extras, wranglers, and stuntmen share anecdotes and observations of their time on the sets. Drawing from published and unpublished sources, period newspapers, magazines, and over a hundred new interviews, this richly researched and highly detailed work weaves magical memories into an exciting and informative story that finally sets the record straight on the struggles John Wayne faced: his financial issues, a murder on the set, independent financing, producing, directing, and starring in a film of historical proportions, and veteran Academy Award-winning director John Ford’s involvement. You are there with John Wayne, Laurence Harvey, Richard Widmark, and John Ford amid their day to day journeys from the film’s inception in the 1940s to the mind-boggling premiere in 1960; the infamous 1961 Oscar campaign; and the 1990 discovery of the “lost” print in Toronto. This book provides not only an educational view of the filmmaking process but also offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the making of the epic masterpiece. More than 600 pages, including an Introduction, 37 chapters, an Index, 8 appendices, and more than 110 illustrations of characters, behind-the-scenes filming, set construction, and cut and unused scenes.

About John Farkis: A retired joint-venture vice-president and director of operations of a fortune 100 company, Farkis is also the author of Alamo Village: How a Texas Cattleman Brought Hollywood to the Old West.