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BRIDE OF THE GORILLA by Tom Weaver, introduction by John Landis

On a South American rubber plantation stands the home of Klaas Van Gelder—a house whose claim to fame is murder. Barney the foreman, beguiled by Van Gelder’s beautiful young wife Dina, pushed his employer into the afterlife, took Dina as his bride and made himself master of Van Gelder Manor. But a witch-like servantgives him a dose of jungle justice: She places a curse on him so that he transforms by night into the deadliest of jungle demons, the succarath.

Curt Siodmak, creator of The Wolf Man and Donovan’s Brain, devised this outlandish monster melodrama, basically an exotic remake of The Wolf Man, co-starring the Wolf Man himself, Lon Chaney. The Fabulous Fifties’ first horror hit, it rates deluxe Scripts from the Crypt treatment: a “Making Of” article, a tribute to Siodmak, detailed release information, an essay on the music score, an interview with producer Herman Cohen, a Lon Chaney Timeline, Production Code correspondence, script, pressbook and more.