Captain Midnight's Post-War Radio Years (ebook)

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Hitherto lost stories distilled from 1940s radio scripts. The profusely illustrated volume is for Old-Time Radio (OTR) buffs, adventure and science-fiction enthusiasts, cultural historians, and classic aviation aficionados. Sixteen adventures, originally averaging thirteen weeks each to broadcast, show an exciting perspective on military aviation concepts and tales following WWII.

The original radio shows were recorded on more than 1,800 transcription disks, but almost all of the recordings have been lost. The book has recovered previously unavailable serial adventures from 1945 to 1949 that were originally heard by some twenty million listeners, about equally divided between adults and youths.

Author Leonard Zane has created material in Star Trek feature films and TV, hosts three television shows, is a novelist, and has also adapted and produced Edmond Hamilton’s classic science-fiction tale, “The Inn Outside the World,” for television. According to Zane, “Of the Ovaltine-sponsored 1940s Captain Midnight shows, only about three dozen audio episodes exist, and the stories in this book have never been available to the general public before.”

Captain Midnight was a skilled aviator who led a paramilitary group, the “Secret Squadron,” which combated espionage and sabotage both at home and abroad. The post WWII radio saga extended from America to the Arctic wilderness, Africa, Asia, India, South America, and Antarctica. The adventures incorporated latest advances and speculations in aeronautics and crimefighting, plus science fiction.