The Facts of My Life (ebook)

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The Facts of My Life by Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae’s career spans more than seventy years, fromthe Golden Age of television to Shakespeare in the Park, the New York Cabaretscene of the late 1940s and 1950s to her hit series, The Facts of Life, and well beyond.

Off stage and screen, Charlotte’s life has been one of joyand challenge, raising an autistic son, coming to terms with alcoholism, theheartache of a broken marriage, the revelation of a gay husband, and the suddenchallenge of facing middle age with financial and emotional uncertainties—acrisis she ultimately turned into the determination that brought her stardom.

The Facts of My Life isthe first opportunity for Charlotte’s fans to explore the fascinating story ofher extraordinary life: poignant and hilarious, a story of courage and triumph,one that speaks for a generation of women breaking barriers, taking onchallenges,overcoming personal tragedy, and paving the way for others.