My Forty-Five Years in Hollywood (ebook)

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My Forty-Five Years in Hollywood and How I Escaped Alive by Michael Druxman

"Michael B. Druxman may have escaped Hollywood after forty-five years, but he also survived and thrived there all those years...hardly a feat for the faint-hearted. His entertaining and amusing memoir tells us how he did it. With tenacity and talent, he went from PR agent to screenwriter to director and, along the way, rubbed shoulders with a fascinating array of characters, con-men, and artists. From the stars to the strugglers, from the saints to the scammers, from those who soared to those who took a swan dive, they're all here. We meet the great, the near-great, the not-so great who make Hollywood their home and their hunting ground. Druxman depicts their triumphs and follies, as well as his own, with the nuanced eye of one who has seen Hollywood at its meanest and most magnificent." -- Charles Edward Pogue, Screenwriter of The Fly, Dragonheart, DOA

"Michael Druxman's new book is like taking a time machine back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, a time when there was a real Hollywood with real movie stars and the kind of class that no longer exists in that place they call Hollywood today. The tales of his days as a 'publicist for a price' are endearing and droll, and the celebrities he handled make for a grand cast of characters in this very affectionate memoir. Add to that the stories of writing and directing for Roger Corman, as well as his childhood memories, and you have a book that's a fun, fast read." --Bruce Kimmel, writer/director of The First Nudie Musical, author, record producer

"As a working publicist, Michael Druxman was probably responsible for five or ten percent of all the baloney written about so-called Hollywood celebrities over the last thirty-five, forty years. I oughta know. He was also my publicist for much of that time. But now, finally, here he is writing about the real Hollywood, and it's plain that he's lived it and knows it. So get the book-read it-and learn." -- Stanley Rubin, writer/producer The Narrow Margin, River of No Return, White Hunter, Black Heart