Dwarfsploitation (ebook)

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DWARFSPLOITATION by Brad Paulson and Chris Watson

An entertaining and educational look into the world of dwarf cinema. From Freaks to Willow, the author analyzes a wide variety of both independent and mainstream films, chronicling the number of ways in which little people are exploited.

"Dwarfish reviews about dwarf films seems an odd basis for a book, but it's surprisingly entertaining and enlightening and respectful about the little folk. A snappy, unique guide to all films Dwarf."-Joe R. Lansdale, author of Bubba Ho-Tep

"This book is truly a one-of-a-kind. An inspired idea, and an equally-inspired book. Chris Watson and Brad Paulson have created something special with "Dwarfsploitation". In an age when there seems to be books about every aspect of cinema, these authors have discovered a niche that had yet to be explored. Kudos." -Andrew J. Rausch, author of Turning Points in Film History