Wishing on a Star (ebook)

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WISHING ON A STAR: THE LIFE OF EDDIE CARROLL by Carolyn Carroll and Brad Strickland

Foreword by Jamie Farr

"Want to share the cheer of the most loveable Cricket of all time? Want to enjoy the bloom of laughter of the greatest Laugh-meister of all time? Then read this book. It’s the top! It’s the Coliseum! And that’s the name of that tune!"

Tom Kennedy
Game Show Host You Don’t Say and Name That Tune

"Whether Eddie Carroll came into your life early or late, an immediate treasured friendship was created. You became a part of his family, something which can still happen by just reading this biography."

Gary Schaengold
President of Disneyana Fan Club

"When Eddie Carroll walked in the door for his audition as Jack Benny in 1983, I knew that my prayers had been answered. Even before he read a word of dialogue, he had assumed Benny’s mantle — the voice, the mannerisms, the exasperation, and the classiness. He was the only contender for the job. How lucky for me to have been there, his partner and friend, at the start of his Benny reincarnation! And how lucky for the audiences who got to experience it, laughing and cheering for the next 27 years! Must read book."