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Author of the eleven volume Whatever Became of…? series, interviews and stories with and about the great actors and actresses of yesteryear, Richard Lamparski reveals incredible, but true, heretofore untold stories of some of the stellar stars he has met, some of whom became good friends and others who did not.

With other 40 illustrations and fascinating stories, Richard kicks some closet doors wide open, reveals the dirt on others, and praises some of the celebrities any gay person of worth will know about to some degree. If you want an intimate look deep inside Hollywood, told with great skill, humor and empathy, add this wonderful book to your “must-read” list. With chapter titles like “The Queen of Sex,” “The Absolute Worst Story I know,” “A Rainy Afternoon in Beverly Hills,” and “Lassie’s Master,” how could you pass this one by? Hollywood Diary is definitely a keeper!