Boris Karloff as The Invisible Man (ebook)

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In 1932, many projects were announced for Boris Karloff, Universal’s top horror film star. They ranged from the supernatural Cagliostro to The Wolf Man, A Trip to Mars, and The Invisibile Man.

Cagliostro was transformed into The Mummy, and The Wolf Man was put on the shelf for nine years. Director James Whale was stalling because Universal wanted him to make a sequel to Frankenstein, but after countless rewrites by Preston Sturges, Gouveneur Morris, John Huston, and a dozen other writers, R.C. Sherriff managed to capture H.G. Wells' original concept, and The Invisible Man was put into production.

However, the film went ahead without Karloff who turned down the part in a salary dispute with Carl Laemmle Jr. With Claude Rains in the starring role (even though he does not appear on screen except for a few minutes at the end of the film,) The Invisible Man became a huge success and one that most historians and fans think is Whale's best picture, after The Bride of Frankenstein, which was made two years later.

This volume is more of a portfolio in the development of Universal’s The Invisible Man. It is different from the other volumes in the series in that, after attempts by many writers, Carl Laemmle Jr. was not satisfied with any of the treatments until James Whale got R.C. Sheriff to write the final shooting script. As you will see, even Whale himself wrote a treatment.