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REEL TEARS: THE BEVERLY WASHBURN STORY, 2ND EDITION by Beverly Washburn with Donald Vaughan

Beverly Washburn was one of Hollywood's most familiar child actors during the 1950s and ‘60s, a consummate performer who excelled at both comedy and drama with equal ease. Renowned for her uncanny ability to cry on cue, she appeared in countless television shows during the medium's Golden Age, and many of the era's best-loved movies, including Walt Disney's OldYeller, S, just to name a few.Spider Baby, and ane

Beverly appeared in her first movie at age six, and quickly found her niche. Over the years, her circle of friends included some of the biggest names in movies and television, many of whom she "dated" in the pages of the fan magazines and in real life.

Beverly's fame went far beyond the silver screen. In the 1960s, she even cut a hit record, "Everybody Loves Saturday Night," written by the legendary folk artist Pete Seeger.

In this heartfelt and deeply revealing autobiography, Beverly talks from the soul about her astounding career as a child actress, and the difficulties she encountered as she became a teenager and then an adult. She also reflects back on her most famous movies, with many behind-the-scenes anecdotes never before revealed, and discusses her enduring friendships with some of entertainment's most prominent performers, including Jack Benny, Loretta Young, Lou Costello, and George Reeves.