Trivia Guiness World Record Holder (ebook)

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You, too, can be a Know-it-all!

Welcome to the world of trivia that's handpicked by a Guinness World Record holder.

It's the best of his daily newspaper columns! It's multiple choice. It runs the category gamut. Each fun page has six diversified trivia questions with correct answers conveniently noted at the bottom. There are plenty of teasers and great questions to tickle any fancy!Whether this is the first such book you've purchased, or whether you're an "old hand" at trivia, you're about to be amused, perplexed, and challenged for hours to come. Are you ready to put your accumulated trivia knowledge to the test? Are you eager to learn new things along the way? Do you think you can get all six questions correct on any given page? Whether you're a solitary trivia detective or part of a trivia team, the time to start the fun is now!