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JOURNEY THRU THE UNKNOWN by the Unknown Comic, a.k.a. Murray Langston

The memoirs of Murray Langston, aka "The Unknown Comic," is a detailed account of the highlights and lowlights of eachyear of my life, from June 27, 1944 until my 69th birthday coming up on June 27, 2013.It's my story of how a poor kid from Montreal, being influenced by Jerry Lewis, longed to follow in his funny steps and somehow leave Canada and make it to Hollywood.Spiced with humor, drama, and celebrities that made me consider calling the book, "Name-Droppers," the reader will be surprised at many of the revelations which include being threatened by Frank Sinatra, partying all night with Elvis Presley, spending Christmas Eve with Lucille Ball, watching Bob Hope's Christmas show when I was in the military and working with him twenty years later, attending the Academy Awards, double dating with Robin Williams, appearing with Patrick Swayze in his first film, hanging out at Steve Martin's house, playing practical jokes on Carol Burnett, friending David Letterman on his first arrival to L.A., holding Kate Hudson when she was only weeks old, hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, co-starring with Jim Carrey in his very first television appearance.

Read about my appearing for four years with Sonny & Cher, working alongside Ronald Reagan, O.J. Simpson, Bobby Darin, the Jackson 5, and my hero at the time, Jerry Lewis, among so many others.

Read about how I also worked on several other TV series starring Roger Miller, Wolfman Jack, Bobby Vinton, the Hudson Brothers, and more.Read about my appearing on practically every talk show of that era from The Tonight Show to Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, John Davidson, Dinah Shore, even Howard Stern, and more.