The Valentino Formula (ebook)

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In Oldham's fiction novel, Robert Stein is the founder a club of silent star aficionados. He has been obsessed, in particular, with the legendary screen star, Rudolph Valentino, since childhood.

In 1953, the twenty-four-year-old uncovers clues that lead him to believe his father was murdered for a formula that, if completed, would bring Valentino back to life. Stein uncovers circumstances that make the Valentino Formula credible. But where is it? Stein finds out his father had sold it in 1933 on the day he was murdered. He figures that finding his father’s killer would not only allow him to avenge for the murder, but also lead him to the formula.
Stein will stop at nothing in searching for the Valentino Formula. Should he find it, he is willing to murder to complete it and have his talk with Rudolph Valentino.

Nefarious Hollywood fanatics, a criminal organization providing services to the wealthy, a stubborn LAPD detective, and a couple of amateur Hollywood sleuths are all part of this fast moving mystery/suspense tale.