A Woman to Die For (ebook)

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A WOMAN TO DIE FOR by Steve Hayes

When hard-nosed PI Mitch Holliday loses his licence, he helps his partner, Lionel Banks, to pick up a missing girl named Lila Hendricks. But everything goes wrong; Mitch is drawn into a world of money, murder and double-cross. Seduced by socialite Claire Dixon's wealth, murder is now the name of the game. The target is a wealthy businessman with few redeeming qualities. Would Mitch, tough and cynical as he is, kill for the promise of love and money?

About the Author:
British born Ivan Hayes first arrived in Hollywood in 1949 and moved there permanently in 1950. An actor for ten years, he worked in movies at MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount, Columbia, RKO, Universal Studios and the Samuel Goldwyn Studios as well as in early network television and radio.
He also did detective work for the Fred Otash Detective Agency.